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Since it’s already tomorrow in Kinshasa, it’s already our Ezra’s birthday. He’s four now, and four is one of my favorite ages, second only to five (It’s my opinion that five-year olds are the funniest, brightest, and best).

I made the mistake of looking at this date on Facebook in the years past, his second birthday and third birthday. My comments were hopeful and I made cakes. I put on a brave face, assuming he’d celebrate with us the following birthday. Surrrrrrrely. But here we are…January 7, 2015…Mokolo na Mbotama Malamu! (That’s “Happy Birthday” in Lingala, by the way.)

I have a friend who is going to visit her son in the Congo in a few days. Being a considerate momma, she offered to bring a package to our little fella for us. So what to send to a four-year old who doesn’t know English, has no idea it’s his birthday, maybe doesn’t remember us, and it all needs to fit in a quart-sized freezer bag? Batman and Superman action figures, a tiny tractor with accompanying farmer, and a fist-full of dum-dum lollipops, of course. We also found a fun greeting card that plays a song and has a spinning hamster. Again, he lives with people who don’t know English but, like I said…a spinning hamster. It extends beyond all cultural boundaries.

We’ve sent several care packages to Ezra since we first saw his picture in June 2012. We’ve sent cars and books and photo albums and crayons. We’re always grateful when another adopting parent offers to deliver something for us but it’s difficult to find the perfect items that represent our feelings and hope for our future with him.

So tomorrow will be difficult. We don’t have any news and nothing to point to the fact that 2015 will be THE YEAR. But we are grateful he’s in a safe place with people who care for him and get him what he needs. We’re grateful he’s made it to four, especially since one in seven children in DRC dies before reaching the age of five. We’re grateful for the time we spent with him in October. And we’re grateful for the friends who continue to pray for our boy. Actually, we’re humbled.

So happy birthday, buddy. We love you!




Happy birthday, buddy


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